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Iyanam VE., Udoh SB.,Motilewa OO.,Udonwa NE. Morbidity profile of adolescents seen at a secondary missionary healthcare facility in south-south Nigeria:A 2-year review. Int. J. Med. Sci.2018,5(10):13-19. (United States of America)
Udoh SB.,Iyanam VE.,Akinbami OS. Perspectives of peers experiences and feeling about termination of pregnancy: A focus group study in an adolescent population. Eur. J. Pharm. And Med. Res. 2018,5(8):461-466. (Bulgaria)
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Iyanam VE.,Udoh SB.,Morgan UM. Domestic violence among pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic of primary Health care centre, Itu, Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria. J.Med.Sci and Clin. Res.2018,6(1):32746 - 32753 .(Egypt)
Iyanam VE.,Udoh SB., Akpan SI. Blunt ocular trauma in a-42 year old woman:The importance of prompt referral from primary health care setting in management: Case Report. Eur. J. Pharm.and Med. Res.2018;5(8):126-129. (Bulgaria)
Udoh SB., Iyanam VE.,Uche NN.,Udonwa NE. Teenage pregnancy: Family and social characteristics and risk factors in Etinan, suburban area of south-south Nigeria. Int. J. Med Sci.2019;6(1):7-14. (United States of America)
Udoh SB.,Kalu N.,Iyanam VE.,Akinbami OS. Penile fracture in an adolescent: Result of Sex-related alcohol expectancy: Case Report. IOSR J.Dent Med Sci;2019;18(4):1-4 (India)
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Abasiubong, F., Ansa, VO., Udoh, SB., Edemekong, II., & Akpan, MU. Stress, attitude and marital relationships of mothers of children with chronic neurological disorders in Southern Nigeria. TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin Journal, Turkey, (2010). 9 (5): 413-420.(Turkey)
Ogah,OS.,Akinyemi,RO.,Adegbite,GD.,Udofia,OI Udoh,SB.,Adesina,JO.,Ojo,OS.,& Alabi,AA., of asymptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction in hypertensive Nigerians: echocardiographic study of 832 subjects. Cardiovasc J. Afr.2011;22(6):297-302.(South Africa)
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Abasiubong, F., Udoh, SB., Ntuk, EA., Ekanem, US., & Etukumana, EA. Gender Differences to Use of Condom and Sexual Practices among Higher School Students in Nigeria. TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin, Turkey, 2011;10 (5): 519-526.(Turkey)
Idung, AU., Abasiubong, F., Udoh, SB., Akinbami, OS. Quality of life in patients with erectile dysfunction in Niger Delta region, Nigeria. J Ment Health, 2012;21(3):236-43.(United Kingdom)
Idung, AU., Abasiubong, F., Ukott, IA., Udoh, SB., & Unadike, BC. Prevalence and risk factors of Erectile Dysfunction in Niger Delta region, Nigeria. Afr Health Sci, J. 2012;12(2): 160-165.(South Africa)
Abasiubong, F., Bassey, E A., Udobang, J A., Udoh, S B., & Akinbami, O S Self-medication: risks and hazards among pregnant women in Uyo, Nigeria. Pan Afr Med J. 2012; 13:15.(Uganda)
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Idung AU.,Udoh.SB.,Abasiubong F. Complementary And Alternative Medicine Use Among Hiv-Infected Patient’s On Anti-Retroviral Therapy In The Niger Delta Region, Nigeria. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences.2014. 13(1):26-31.(India)
Udoh. SB., Idung. AU. Morbidity Pattern in Geriatric Patients Attending a General Out-Patient’s Clinic in a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria: A Society with No Social Support System. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences.2014.13(3);49-54.(India)
Idung. AU., Okokon.IB., Udoh. SB., Inem. VA. Clinical Characteristics and Socio demographic Profiles of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Users among Outpatient Clinic Attendees in Uyo, South-South Nigeria. Fam. Med. Med. Sci. Res 2014;3:117 doi:10 4172/2327-4972 1000117.(United States of America)
Udoh,SB.,Abasiubong. F., Idung. AU. Knowledge and Emotional Impact of Menarche among Adolescent Secondary School Girls in Uyo, Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Int J. Med Med Sci. 2014, 47(1);1517-1524.(United Kingdom)
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Udoh, SB.,Idung AU. Sexual Practices, knowledge and Prevention of Sexually Transmited Diseases among upper grade Secondary School adolescent students in Uyo, Nigeria. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, 14(4);9 - 15.(India)
Idung AU., Udoh SB. Psychosocial factors associated with erectile dysfunction in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Fam. Med. Med. Sci.Res.2015;4(2):2-4.(United States of America)
Abasiubong F., Udoh SB. Domestic Violence among working class Nigerian women. American J Adv. Med Sci, 2015; 1(1): 9-14. (United States of America)

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